It has come to my attention today after reading some pretty disturbing articles that there are many people that do not understand what privilege means because to it means different things to different people. But when Public Schools tell white students that they live a privileged life merely because of the color of their skin something is wrong.
Maybe to some people all light skin toned people “have it made in the shade” or “have no worries,” but they couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality only 1% to 2% actually qualify under either of those categories and a few of them are not white people.
None of the common people that live and work in the United States today could even remotely be considered privileged, regardless of race, religion or social preferences. Everybody that has made the American Dream come true for them and their families worked very hard to get there and made many sacrifices along the way.
For any teacher or anybody in a leadership position to degrade anybody is flat out wrong no matter how one looks at it. There are good and bad in every race and religion and that is a fact of life. Unfortunately it is always the ones yelling the loudest and creating discord instead of building bridges that people hear the most and end up following while all others get left behind shaking our heads, crying and praying for people to wake up to the truth.
Most people I know and have met over the years have no idea what it would be like to have a paid vacation; employer paid medical insurance much less full benefits; not have to argue with company representatives just to get paid for the actual hours worked; not be given a task within an impossible amount of time unless you work off of the clock for free or get fired; living under intolerable living conditions because you can’t afford to move into a nicer place with more space or being forced to move in spite of your financial circumstances because the manager or owner can get more rent money from somebody else or worse; a family member of theirs needed a place to live so you get kicked out? These are the plights of white people folks. Sound familiar?
Why are the white people so angry? They have had to live under the very same conditions as the African Americans, but not one person will help them because they are white. Unfortunately not many people will get this, but it is and has been a fact of life for longer than I am old and I am 53 going on 54. So it doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what religion you practice or what your social preference is we are all under the same pressures, but it is the white people that get labeled as privileged.
If human beings would ever stop this senseless accusations of one another and look beyond what you’ve been told you would see the truth in what I say here. Bridges of peace needs to be built and that was what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was doing.
I remember my grandmother and I sitting at our small dining room table watching the television which was smaller than some computer monitors; when the news about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death preempted the show and my grandmother began crying. There was only one other time I had seen my grandmother cry like that and that was the day we were watching President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade drive down a Texas street November 22, 1963; when he was murdered. When President Kennedy was killed my grandmother said “He was the only President we will see for a long time to come that really cared about the people and the needs of the people” and the day Dr. Martin L. King Jr. was murdered my grandmother said “Peace in this country will not come until another like him is born;” so far my grandmother’s predictions were spot on.