With everything else that is going on in the United States of America these days we are now confronted with Genetically Engineered Foods in the place of Organically grown foods. Many believe this to be all part of what is called Agenda 21; a Federal Government Takeover and Control System. Whether it is or is not part of the Agenda 21 that is being widely talked about; what does it mean to the average American?

For those of you that do not know; Genetically Engineered Foods are developed much like taking and splicing two completely different plants together to create a new plant completely, however this is not done through those safer means. These genetically Engineered Foods contain many preservatives that some people are allergic to and most of these products are not plainly marked listing all of the ingredients within. Genetically Engineered Crops are planted with Genetically tampered with seeds to create a different species altogether.

What is unknown and possibly highly dangerous to all human beings is that these new species of crops may very well bring with them a new and dangerous insect, virus or even create a brand new disease that no one has any cure for. I have already seen videos where the government is cracking down on local farmers selling Organically Grown Foods in many areas by raiding the places that sells the local farmers Organic products.

I have already seen enough evidence against the Fluoridated Water to know that the human race is being systematically sterilized if not poisoned. Fluoride is a topical poison used for destroying bacteria, but it only works as a bacteria killer when used as a topical agent such as in tooth pastes. Scientists had studied the effects of Fluoride in our water system before they were dismissed from their jobs with a threat to their families if they said any more about it. With a glowing record like that how can anyone truly believe anything that comes from the government.

I’m not the only one concerned about this new Genetically Engineered Food problem facing the American people now. Don’t take my word for it; listen to a man that has spent the better part of his life in health and fitness, Mr. Chuck Norris. If this is a subject that concerns Mr. Chuck Norris then we should all get together and put a stop to this.

You can read “The US, the UN and Genetic Engineering” by Chuck Norris; http://townhall.com/columnists/chucknorris/2011/09/27/the_us,_the_un_and_genetic_engineering/page/2